White Rhino Inc (WRI) Ltd is a UK based integrated boutique Publishing House and Film Production Company. 

WRI champions working with talented Authors, Proof Readers, aspiring Screenplay Writers and enthusiastic Researchers. Furthermore, we aim to create employment within the rapidly growing British Film Industry.

We intend to stage a series of Book and Film making seminars, as well as hosting training workshops at community centres and Prisons across the UK.  

“Behind Every Empire Lies A Crime”, is the first book in a Heptalogy of seven, by author Andrew Pritchard.

This series of books are not yet available to the public, but  have already been earmarked by leading Criminologists, to become required reading for students at Universities and Colleges  across UK.

“Although the criminal lifestyle can appear very glamorous to outsiders, the stark reality is often very different. The final destination is often prison, death or destruction, as well as untold misery and pain for others.

I would never want any young person to read this book, and falsely believe that crime is a progressive route in life. It isn’t.

In 2015, the rights for this work was reverted back to myself. Therefore, I made the decision to remove it from publication. However, after very careful consideration, I now believe that in 2021, it can serve a great purpose. 

Since writing this book with the late Norman Parker, well over a decade ago a lot has changed in my own life. On a personal, emotional and spiritual level, I’ve grown as a man.

I now see how my naïve view of what I perceived ‘a good lifestyle’ to be, was delusional.

There is no right way of doing the wrong thing, and eventually, it catches up with you. The price tag cannot be estimated, it can only be experienced. And so, I have republished these works though White Rhino Inc and placed the book back into circulation. I will be donating all future royalties until 2024, to the AP Foundation Charity.

This money is being used to develop courses that will help to rehabilitate people. http://bit.ly/UrbSmugbook